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Find a practical and sustainable teacher backpack for everyday school life with us. Our selection of backpacks impresses with functionality, design and sustainability. The Paper & Sons backpacks for teachers are made from sustainable kraft paper, which is very robust and durable and can therefore easily withstand the rigors of a school day. All of our models have numerous storage compartments, padded laptop compartments and are available in different designs and sizes between 10 and 30 liter capacities. And best of all: For every backpack sold, we plant a tree and you receive a personalized tree certificate.

The best backpack for teachers

The modern teacher has many challenges to overcome: from preparing lessons to organizing materials to supervising students - there is so much to do. A good backpack can become an indispensable companion and is often much more practical than a bag.

Our sustainable teacher backpacks are not only stylish, but also extremely functional. They have numerous pockets and compartments to store all the necessary teaching materials, books, pens and technical devices safely and neatly.

The ultimate teacher backpack: sturdy, organized, functional and stylish

When choosing a backpack for teachers, there are some important features to consider.

Teachers often have to carry a variety of materials and documents with them. A good teacher backpack should therefore be made of robust material that can withstand daily wear and tear.

A good teacher's backpack should have enough pockets and compartments to keep everything neat and organized. Our backpacks for teachers impress with their numerous and, above all, practical compartments - for that extra bit of order! All Paper & Sons backpacks for everyday school life have padded laptop compartments and mesh inner compartments.

Style and design:
A teacher backpack should not only be functional but also stylish. It should fit your personality and style and give you a professional and confident appearance. Choose a backpack that suits your individual preferences and requirements.

Sustainable & vegan:
Our feather-light paper backpacks made from kraft paper make a statement while being vegan and sustainable. Our kraft paper is made in Germany from FSC certified wood. All of our products carry the PETA Approved Vegan label. So you can be sure that no animal had to suffer for your gift. Our backpacks and bags are made from renewable raw materials and are plastic-free.

The right size for your teacher backpack

We recommend our backpack models Pine or Big Oak. These backpacks offer you enough storage space for everything you need for your everyday school life. Our size guide gives you a practical overview of the sizes of our teacher backpacks. Our Pine can be expanded from 22 to 28 liter capacity thanks to its flexible roll-top design. If that's not enough for you, then our Big Oak with 30 liters is your backpack!

Frequently asked questions


A teacher's backpack made of paper will surely tear?

Our sustainable backpacks for teachers are very robust. A special finish makes the kraft paper extremely durable and tear-resistant. To be precise, it is the type of paper with the highest strength. We use particularly thick kraft paper for our products, which can best be compared to leather or canvas. It can withstand a lot and can accompany you for a long time, be it as a daily backpack companion for school or everyday life!

What happens if my kraft paper backpack gets wet?

Don't worry, water can't harm the backpack. Thanks to its special structure, the kraft paper is water-repellent and does not soften. So you don't need to be afraid of rain - long walks are no problem even then. If the backpack gets wet on the way to school or back home, you can simply let it dry like a normal fabric backpack.

Are the Paper & Sons teacher backpacks vegan?

Yes, all of our kraft paper backpacks are vegan. The kraft paper is made from natural and renewable raw materials and contains no animal ingredients. Our products carry the Peta Approved Vegan Label® and are guaranteed to be free of animal ingredients.

How long do I have to make a return?

We are sure you will love your new kraft paper backpack. So that you have enough time to test your new sustainable backpack, we give you 30 days before you have to send your product back to us.

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