What makes kraft paper so special?

Kraft paper is the heart of our products and is characterized by its sustainable properties. To be precise, it is the type of paper with the highest strength. Unlike traditional materials such as leather or synthetic fibers, it is made from wood, a renewable raw material. Our kraft paper is made in Germany from FSC certified wood. Long-fiber softwoods (spruce, pine) made from slow-growing wood are particularly suitable, as they offer particularly high strength.

The production of kraft paper

  • 1. Growing & Felling

    It takes many years until the finished product is produced, because on average the tree that serves as raw material for the kraft paper has to grow between 20 and 30 years (depending on the type of tree chosen).

  • 2. Wood pulp

    After felling The wood is first chopped into wood pulp in so-called wood pulp plants. The wood is split into small fibers that are later processed into paper.

  • 3. Cooking

    The wood pulp is then cooked in what is known as the sulfate or kraft process. During this process, lignin and other binding agents dissolve, leaving pure pulp behind.

  • 4. Wash

    After the cooking process, the pulp is washed to remove any remaining impurities. The paper is then dehydrated to reduce moisture.

  • 5. Refine

    The pulp is then mixed with a small proportion of latex, which refines the surface and makes it water-repellent, among other things.

  • 6. Pressing

    The dewatered paper is compressed in a press under high pressure. This makes the paper denser and stronger.

  • 7. Drying

    The pressed paper is now dried . To do this, it is wound on large rolls and passed through a hot air dryer.

  • 8. Rolls

    After drying, the finished kraft paper is wound onto large rolls and is ready for making our backpacks and shoppers.

  • 9. Tailoring

    Our backpacks and shoppers are lovingly handcrafted and are ready for your daily adventures.

Frequently asked questions

Is kraft paper vegan?

Yes, kraft paper is completely vegan as it is made from natural and renewable raw materials and contains no animal ingredients. Our products carry the Peta Approved Vegan Label® and are guaranteed to be free of animal ingredients.

Is kraft paper sustainable?

Yes, kraft paper is sustainable. It is made from renewable resources. The trees used for this come from FSC® certified cultivation. Kraft paper is also biodegradable and is OEKO-TEX 100® certified.

Is kraft paper waterproof?

Yes, the kraft paper is water-repellent thanks to a special finish. Long walks in the rain are no problem and it can even be hand washed at 30°C.

Can kraft paper be washed?

Yes, you can hand wash our kraft paper products at 30°C. Please do not use detergent, a few drops of dishwashing liquid should help to remove coarse dirt.

Can kraft paper tear?

A special finish makes the kraft paper extremely durable and tear-resistant. To be precise, it is the type of paper with the highest strength. We use particularly thick kraft paper for our products, which can best be compared to leather or canvas. However, like any other material, it can crack under excessive stress.

What other materials are used besides kraft paper?

In addition to kraft paper, we use linen fibers (also known as flax) for the inner lining and straps. As well as metal elements for our closures. More about our materials

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  • PETA Approved Vegan

    All of our products carry the PETA Approved Vegan label. So you can be sure that no animal had to suffer for your gift.

  • No plastic

    Our backpacks and bags are made from renewable raw materials and are plastic-free.

  • One Tree Planted

    For every backpack given away, we plant a tree together with onetreeplanted.org, wherever it is most urgently needed.

  • OEKO-TEX certified

    You can be sure that our materials have been tested for harmful substances and produced sustainably according to OEKO-TEX® guidelines.