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Our men's backpacks are the perfect choice for style-conscious men. Discover our diverse selection of stylish backpacks for men! A perfect companion for all your adventures, be it in the office, traveling or in everyday life. The sustainable men's backpack models from Paper & Sons impress with plenty of storage space, numerous inner compartments and padded laptop compartments. Our backpacks are made from high quality materials that ensure durability and comfort. The high-quality kraft paper , which is the heart of our backpacks, is robust, durable and water-repellent and can withstand all adventures. Mother Nature is our role model, which is why we plant a tree for every backpack sold and you receive a personalized tree certificate !

Men's backpacks made of kraft paper

Our men's backpacks are made from kraft paper produced in Germany. In contrast to conventional materials such as leather or synthetic fibers, FSC-certified wood, a renewable raw material, is used. A special finish makes the kraft paper exceptionally durable and tear-resistant. Thanks to its special properties, it is also water-repellent and unexpected rain showers cannot harm your Paper & Sons men's backpack. The best conditions for a long-lasting companion for your everyday life, work, university or a weekend trip. Over time, the kraft paper becomes softer and acquires its characteristic, leather-like structure.

The right backpack for your projects

Our backpacks for men vary in size and offer capacities between 10 and 30 liters. Therefore, you should first consider which backpack you need for your activities. Our size guide can be helpful to you. All of our men's backpacks have a padded laptop compartment and practical interior or exterior compartments. Our Pine roll-top backpack is particularly flexible: its roll-top design allows you to expand the size of the backpack from 22 to 28 liters. This backpack adapts flexibly to your requirements. 28 liters isn't enough for you? Then our Big Oak is the perfect choice. With its 30 liters, a lot fits in and can be used perfectly for the next weekend trip. All of our backpacks are carry-on compliant - so grab your new men's backpack from Paper & Sons and let the adventure begin.

Men's backpacks with plenty of storage space - stylish and functional

Functionality is very important to our backpacks - without compromising on design. All of our Paper & Sons kraft paper backpacks have practical interior or exterior compartments. Our Oak backpack offers you a practical compartment on the back of the backpack for important things that can be stored safely from theft. This model also impresses with side access to the main compartment of the backpack. The larger men's backpack model Big Oak has internal, separate padded laptop and tablet compartments as well as practical mesh compartments. The Pine roll-top backpack also has a padded laptop compartment - on the back of the backpack - as well as a water bottle holder and a mesh compartment inside the backpack. With our backpacks, keeping things organized is child's play - everything has its place and at the same time you make a statement with the unique kraft paper backpacks. The perfect backpack for style-conscious men.

Frequently asked questions

Rucksack für Herren

A men's backpack made of paper will surely tear?

Our sustainable men's backpacks are very robust. A special finish makes the kraft paper extremely durable and tear-resistant. To be precise, it is the type of paper with the highest strength. We use particularly thick kraft paper for our products, which can best be compared to leather or canvas. It can withstand a lot and can accompany you for a long time, be it as a daily backpack companion for work, university or the next weekend trip.

What happens if my kraft paper backpack gets wet?

Don't worry, water can't harm the backpack. Thanks to its special structure, the kraft paper is water-repellent and does not soften. So you don't need to be afraid of rain - long walks are no problem even then. If the backpack does get wet, you can simply let it dry like a normal fabric backpack.

Are the Paper & Sons backpacks for men vegan?

Yes, all of our kraft paper backpacks are vegan. The kraft paper is made from natural and renewable raw materials and contains no animal ingredients. Our products carry the Peta Approved Vegan Label® and are guaranteed to be free of animal ingredients.

How long do I have to make a return?

We are sure you will love your new kraft paper backpack. So that you have enough time to test your new sustainable backpack, we give you 30 days before you have to send your product back to us.

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