Was ist eine Tote Bag? Alles, was du über die Shopper Taschen wissen musst

What is a tote bag? Everything you need to know about shopper bags

If you're looking for a practical and stylish bag that can hold everything you need on the go, then a tote bag is for you. It has established itself as a popular and stylish choice for everyday wear, shopping trips or even as a beach bag. But what is a tote bag anyway? We bring light into the darkness:

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What is a tote bag?

A tote bag is a spacious and durable bag that is available in different materials, such as fabric, leather or kraft paper. The tote bag is usually open at the top and is usually characterized by its square shape, a large main compartment and wide handles. The handles are usually only long enough to be held in the hand or carried in the crook of the arm. Some models also offer longer shoulder straps so that the bag can be carried comfortably over the shoulder. Tote bags are very versatile, can be used for different occasions and offer plenty of space for shopping, books or even a laptop.

The origin of the tote bag

The history of carrier bags goes back a long way. As early as the 17th century, carrier bags were used as practical containers to transport various items from one place to another. However, back then they were rather simple fabric bags without much decoration or design. At that time the English term “tote” was used as an equivalent to “to carry”.

Over time, tote bags evolved and became a popular accessory. In the 1940s they became a fashion statement and were particularly popular among women. Designers began making tote bags using high-quality materials such as leather and gave them an elegant look through embellishments and patterns. Leather is no longer necessary for this, and vegan materials, such as tote bags made of kraft paper , have also become established.

Choosing the right tote bag:

Choosing the right tote bag depends on your individual needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a tote bag:

  1. Size: Consider how much space you need and choose a tote bag based on the size of your items.
  2. Material: Choose a material that suits your needs. A vegan alternative to leather can be, for example, durable kraft paper.
  3. Design: Choose a design that suits your personal style and taste.
  4. Carrying options: Consider whether you prefer short handles or long shoulder straps.

What is a tote bag?

Eco-friendly tote bags and sustainability

In times of increasing environmental awareness, environmentally friendly carrier bags are becoming increasingly important. Single-use plastic bags are a thing of the past! Reusable carrier bags can help reduce plastic consumption. In addition, more and more carrier bags are being made from recycled materials, which also contributes to sustainability. We at Paper & Sons rely on kraft paper because we are convinced that there is a better and more sustainable way to a plastic-free future with kraft paper and natural and renewable raw materials. So if you don't want to forego sustainability or style when choosing your tote bag, you've come to the right place:

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With a capacity of 25 liters, our tote bags offer enough space for your essentials. Light as a feather and with a secure inner compartment, practical bottle holder and foldable after use. With Apple AirTag support, you can always be found. And don't worry - our kraft paper is very durable, robust and water-repellent. So no matter what you transport with your Paper & Sons Tote Bag, it will be safely stored.

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