Was ist veganes Leder?

What is vegan leather?

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, many people are looking for vegan alternatives to leather. The good news is that there are now a variety of options that are not only eco-friendly but also stylish. Regardless of whether it is a handbag, tote bag, backpack or even shoes - many manufacturers rely on vegan leather out of conviction without sacrificing the design or functionality of their products - including us at Paper & Sons.

In this blog post we will explain to you what vegan leather actually means and why kraft paper is the better alternative to leather.

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Vegan leather - what is it anyway?

Gone are the days when leather was the only option for fashion accessories and clothing. More and more people are choosing vegan leather and are making a statement for animal-friendly fashion. Why? Well, vegan leather offers a number of benefits that traditional leather cannot offer. Not only is it cruelty-free and supports sustainability, but it is also high quality and stylish.

Vegan alternatives to leather are materials that mimic the look and feel of real leather but are made without animal ingredients. By definition, this is not leather, as leather is traditionally obtained from animal skins. Vegan types of leather are materials that closely resemble leather in appearance.

The production of vegan leather is generally more environmentally friendly. Some types of vegan leather are made from plant-based materials such as pineapple fiber or cork, which are renewable resources. Others are made from recycled plastics that would otherwise end up in the trash. By using these sustainable materials, the ecological footprint of vegan leather is significantly reduced.

But it's important to note that not all types of vegan leather are automatically eco-friendly. Some synthetic materials used in vegan leather can still be harmful to the environment, especially if they come from non-renewable sources. Therefore, it is advisable to look for products that are made from sustainable materials, such as kraft paper, which is made from renewable resources.

Kraft paper - the vegan alternative to leather

Kraft paper is an increasingly popular alternative to leather. Kraft paper is made without any animal products or plastics and is therefore increasingly convincing as a vegan alternative in many areas.

At Paper & Sons, we use exactly this alternative for our backpacks , shopper bags and travel bags : kraft paper. Mother Nature is our role model. Right before our eyes we found a sustainable raw material that we can use in a whole new way. Thanks to long-fiber and slow-growing softwood, we have discovered a natural material that treats the environment better than traditional materials such as leather or synthetic fibers.

What is vegan leather?

Advantages of kraft paper as an alternative to leather:

Vegan: All of our backpacks, shopper bags and travel bags carry the PETA Approved Vegan label. With PETA, we have a valuable partner at our side to ensure our high standards and to encourage the textile industry and people to rethink.

Sustainable: Paper & Sons products have OEKO-TEX certification ® Certification that ensures that the kraft paper used contains no harmful substances and was sustainably produced in accordance with OEKO-TEX® guidelines. In addition, together with the organization onetreeplanted.org, we plant a tree for every backpack sold and for every shopper, wherever it is most urgently needed.

No plastic and no plasticizers: Our backpacks and bags are made from renewable raw materials such as wood fibers and flax and are free of plastic and plasticizers. We use FSC kraft paper ® certified cultivation and are therefore relying on a more sustainable and better alternative to plastic in order to protect the sensitive resources of our planet.

Resistant, robust and tear-resistant: With the help of a special refinement, a type of paper with the highest strength is created. This unique surface structure ensures that the actually quite thin kraft paper is particularly tear-resistant and durable. It was developed so that you can enjoy our products for a long time.

Leather look: Due to the special nature of the surface, our kraft paper backpacks and shopper bags look very elegant and offer the perfect alternative to leather.

Water-repellent and washable: Our products are your perfect companion for all your planned adventures, regardless of the weather. Our kraft paper is water-repellent and can withstand rain and wind. And best of all: the material is very easy to clean - hand wash at 30 degrees and your Paper & Sons product will shine like it did before.

You can find all of the materials we use, as well as further information about our main material, kraft paper, here: Our materials & our kraft paper

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Was ist veganes Leder?


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  • PETA Approved Vegan

    All of our products carry the PETA Approved Vegan label. So you can be sure that no animal had to suffer for your gift.

  • No plastic

    Our backpacks and bags are made from renewable raw materials and are plastic-free.

  • One Tree Planted

    For every backpack given away, we plant a tree together with onetreeplanted.org, wherever it is most urgently needed.

  • OEKO-TEX certified

    You can be sure that our materials have been tested for harmful substances and produced sustainably according to OEKO-TEX® guidelines.