6 nachhaltige Alternativen zu Leder

6 sustainable alternatives to leather

Discover the variety of environmentally friendly materials

Leather has long been the material of choice for backpacks and bags, but with growing demand for eco-friendly products, more people are looking for sustainable alternatives. There are now numerous vegan leather alternatives. Today we are introducing you to six leather alternatives that not only protect the environment, but are also stylish and durable:

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Pineapple fiber leather
Olive leather
Mushroom leather (mycelium)
Kraft paper


Cork is a renewable raw material that is obtained from the bark of the cork oak tree without having to cut down the tree. It is lightweight, water-resistant and has a natural texture that resembles the appearance of leather. To increase longevity, the cork is usually applied or coated to a textile carrier.

Pineapple fiber leather:

Also known as Piñatex, pineapple leather is made from the fibers of pineapple leaves. These leaves, normally considered a waste product of the pineapple industry, are processed into a durable and flexible material. Pineapple fiber leather is biodegradable and has a unique look. It is a vegan alternative to leather and offers similar durability and texture.

Olive leather:

Olive leather is an innovative alternative to traditional leather, made from the waste of olive oil production. By using excess leaves, bark and fruit peels, waste is reduced and natural resources are conserved. Texture that gives a unique look to any backpack or bag. This sustainable option is ideal for environmentally conscious consumers who value ethics and quality.

Mushroom leather (mycelium):

Mycelium, also known as mushroom leather, is a fascinating and innovative alternative to traditional leather. It is produced by the growth of fungi on agricultural waste such as corn stalks or wood chips. The resulting material is robust, flexible and biodegradable. Mycelium backpacks and bags are lightweight, water-repellent and offer a unique, organic texture. This sustainable option showcases nature's potential to provide innovative solutions to our modern needs, while providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional leather.


Mirum is an advanced material made from seaweed. It offers a sustainable alternative to traditional leather and other synthetic materials. By using seaweed, an abundant and rapidly renewable raw material, Mirum helps reduce environmental impact by minimizing the use of petrochemical materials. Backpacks and bags made from Mirum are durable, water-repellent and have a modern aesthetic. This innovative solution shows how the use of natural resources can contribute to the development of environmentally friendly products that protect our planet while providing style and functionality.

Kraft paper:

Kraft paper is a robust and durable alternative to leather. Unlike traditional materials such as leather or synthetic fibers, it is made from wood, a renewable raw material. Our kraft paper is made in Germany from FSC-certified wood. Long-fiber softwoods (spruce, pine) made from slow-growing wood are particularly suitable, as they offer particularly high strength.

Kraft paper backpacks and bags are lightweight, water-repellent and offer a unique look. A special finish makes the kraft paper extremely durable and tear-resistant. Thanks to its special properties, it is also water-repellent, long walks in the rain are no problem and it can even be washed by hand at 30°C. With increasing use, the kraft paper becomes softer, giving it its characteristic, leather-like structure.

Backpacks and shopper bags made of kraft paper

The kraft paper backpacks and shopper bags from Paper & Sons impress with their sustainability, design and functionality. A backpack for your next city trip that is also suitable as a hand luggage backpack for air travel , a companion for work , a laptop backpack for studying or simply a robust companion for everyday life - our backpacks are always at your side, no matter what you are up to have! The kraft paper shopper bags can also be used in a variety of ways, regardless of whether you are looking for a beach bag, shopping bag or a sustainable bag for your yoga things - with our kraft paper bags you make a statement.

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